Devandran Karunakaran
Devandran Karunakaran

Singapore, one of the busiest and largest ports in the world, is where Devandran Karunakaran was born and raised. Mr. Karunakaran early legal practice focused on representing clients in ship finance arrangements and assisting offshore and renewable energy enterprises due to the context of a bustling metropolitan society built on the economics of expeditious import and export.

Devandran was raised in a joyful and loving home where his father was the headmaster of an international school, and his mother was a cook who specialized in cuisine from real Southeast Asia. His big extended family still resides in Singapore for the most part.

Mr. Karunakaran traveled to the UK to declare his independence and launch his professional career at 21, having finished his necessary 2-and-a-half-year national service to the nation.

Knowledge & Training

Karunakaran pursued a legal education at the University of Leicester. The university has a reputation for giving students access to cutting-edge learning opportunities and is one of the top research universities.

Mr. Karunakaran was an expert in contract law, a branch of the law that regulates, upholds, and interprets contracts between firms.

Also, Devandran Karunakaran had a keen interest in The Law of Nations, often known as public international law. This corpus of legislation contains the collection of standards and rules governing and regulating international relations.

While attending Leicester University, Mr. Karunakaran met and became friends with individuals from various racial and ethnic backgrounds. He developed many strong friendships that are still going strong now. For instance, Karunakaran's college roommate served as the best man at his wedding to his wife. Karunakaran participated actively in the rugby team while he was a student and competed at the collegiate level. Mr. Karunakaran relocated to London to begin his legal career after finishing his post-graduate studies, where he was able to get a training contract position with a reputable multinational law firm with a UK base.

Experiences in the Workplace

Training contracts take a lot of work to come by in the fiercely competitive UK market for trainee solicitors. Nonetheless, completing this training course requires becoming a UK solicitor. Mr. Karunakaran had the good fortune to rapidly land a training job at a reputable UK legal company. It was too fantastic an opportunity for him to pass up. As a result, after graduating, Mr. Karunakaran chose to live in London rather than go back to Singapore. he considered London his second home during his nearly 13 years there. Here, he also made a lot of business contacts and personal connections that helped him land jobs at two big legal firms and spent time living and working in Piraeus, Greece.

Devandran Karunakaran, well-known and esteemed for his technical legal expertise, decided to concentrate on ship finance law and offshore energy and renewables. Mr. Karunakaran puts a lot of effort into these roles to be mindful of fusing his technical legal talents with business and commercial mindfulness for the good of his clients.

Devandran eventually joined PT Indo Energy Solutions in 2020 as an advisor to the board of directors, which eventually expanded into an all-encompassing function. Devandran continued to reside in Singapore, although the company was based in Indonesia, traveling to various locations as needed for work.

Personal and Hobbies Life

Mr. Karunakaran met his future wife Cornelia in 2015 after returning to Singapore, where she was working in Germany but on secondment. She comes from Halle, Germany, now Mr. Karunakaran's second city, along with her family.

he enjoys cooking and is close to and caring for his parents. He got his enthusiasm for the culinary arts from his mother, aunts, and grandmother, all skilled cooks. Mr. Karunakaran wants to cook the foods he grew up eating, but he also wants to cook them in a balanced and nutritious way.

The ecology around the planet worries both Mr. Karunakaran and his wife Cornelia greatly. They live sustainably to leave a better world for their daughter whenever possible. And in light of that inner desire, Mr. Karunakaran has committed to doing more volunteer work related to the environment in the upcoming years. he is currently volunteering in areas connected to food security since nobody should go hungry in this day and age.

Devandran Karunakaran and his family also like traveling. In addition to the travel that both of their jobs required before they met, he and his wife have visited Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Switzerland, and Australia. They aim to instill a love of travel and discovering new places in their young daughter.

Mr. Karunakaran family shares the importance of maintaining physical fitness. Together with eating well, they also often exercise, breathe a lot of fresh air, and use natural foods to nourish and repair their bodies.

While they consider their family extremely fortunate, Mr. Karunakaran and his family also engage in charitable activities. They have donated money to help Ukrainian refugees as a result. In addition, he served as a trustee for a Hindu temple that his family is affiliated with, giving his time and knowledge freely.

Devandran Karunakaran

Devandran Karunakaran

Devandran Karunakaran was born and raised in Singapore, a country that harbors one of the busiest and largest ports in the world.